Fast Steps to set up AdzSafe on your website

This is how to setup up AdzSafe on your website.

Please follow the below easy and fast steps to have your AdzSafe Anti AdBlock solution and AdzSafe Analytics ready in minutes:

1. Sign Up or Login:

Successful online advertisers... Join now! Or Login to your account


2. Verify Ownership Of Your Domain:

Login to your user dashboard . on the right hand sidebar, click “ Domain List ". There you can add a domain, and get a verification code to be placed on the root of your website.


3. Create Campaign:

Login to your User Dashboard, and Click Create campaign tab on sidebar,


4. Select Served Countries

Select the target countries where the message is displayed,


5. Customize Adzsafe Wall message

Decide if you want to use our default message or to write your own custom message


6. Choose Message's Behaviour

Decide whether you want the anti AdBlock message to be fixed on your website or you want to allow your website visitors to close the anti AdBlock message.


7. Click On "Create Adzsafe Campaign":

You will get Adzsafe code.


8. Copy AdzSafe On-Page Code

that appears after you generate the campaign. Also, you can login to your user dashboard, and visit “Campaign List" to obtain the codes of your campaign.


9. Paste AdzSafe On-Page Code

Now paste AdzSafe On-Page code in the footer section of your website.


10. Great! You are ready

Congratulations! You have been successful in preventing ad blocker from damaging your online advertising. Take advantage of ad profits with this amazing anti ad blocker.