Immediate Test to AdzSafe Anti AdBlock Wall:

Please turn any AdBlock extension on your computer, or open this page on any ad block phone browser.

In a second, our AdzSafe Anti AdBlock Wall will detect adblocking, and protect the contents of this page.

To test AdzSafe Anti AdBlock Wall directly on your website, simply verify your domain , create a campaign. Then place our AdzSafe On Page Code on your website.'

AdzSafe Anti AdBlock Wall offers your website free unique features that are not available with other Anti AdBlock walls and scripts:

  • - 100% Free AdzSafe Anti AdBlock Wall script,
  • - 100% Free customizable message: you can write the message you want to show to your website visitors (other companies do not allow you to customize your anti AdBlock Wall message at all or charge you a fee for message customization),
  • - Decide the message's behavior: whether you want to blure your website contents until disabling ad blocker is turned off or you prefer that a visitor can close your anti AdBlock message to continue browsing your contents.
  • - 100% free AdzSafe Analytics: you can monitor your overall website traffic, and analyze what is the proportion of AdBlock users compared to users that don't use AdBlock extensions while using your website (other companies charge you for AdBlock analytics),
  • - AdzSafe Anti AdBlock works on computer and phone devices (most of other Anti AdBlock scripts support one device type only).