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Last Revised: (1, June, 2022)


Welcome to adzsafe.com.  ( AdzSafe.com, “we”, “our” or “us”) together refer to AdzSafe.com, services, products with its subdomains, content, marks and services, app, APIs, plugins). “User” and “you" collectively refer to all Users, customers, venders, visitors, and any person uses or interacts with AdzSafe.com

This page explains the Terms and Conditions by which you may use our online services. These terms do not alter the Terms or conditions of any other agreement you may have separately with AdzSafe.com or with a third party for products, site or otherwise. 


1. Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms:


By accessing AdzSafe.com or using our services or products including embedding our code on your site, or your device, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you are entering a legal agreement with us and have fully understood and agreed to comply with, and be legally bound by all these Terms & Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions will be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the respective successors and assigns of the parties hereto.

If you don’t agree with anything we propose in these Terms and Conditions, please don’t (and you don’t have permission from us to) use any part of AdzSafe.com.

If you do not comply with these terms, we don’t take action right away, this doesn’t mean that we are giving up any rights that may have (such as taking action in future). These terms control the relationship between you and AdzSafe.com, they do not create any third party beneficial rights.


2.Third Party Policies


As a courtesy, or for business or technical purposes, AdzSafe.com may post links or APIs to other websites of related services and offerings, each of which has its own Terms and Conditions that can be viewed on their respective websites. AdzSafe.com claims no knowledge of, nor control over, their policies or practices, and therefore, we are not responsible for their Terms and Conditions. We recommend and encourage you to review the Terms and Conditions of each third party before using their services or products.

3. Your Use of AdzSafe.com on Behalf Third Parties


If you use AdzSafe.com for or on behalf of a third-party, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to accept these terms on behalf the third party also, you acknowledge that you inform, explain each of our terms and conditions, and that the third party understand them and fully agree to legally be bound by all these terms and conditions before you use our services or products on their behalf.

When you act for or on behalf of a third party, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless each of us from, and against, any and all liabilities, losses, damages, suits and claims (including court costs and the costs of defense), related to your, or the third party's failure to fulfill any of the obligations described in these terms and conditions. You are directly responsible for all submitted requests, including related fees, charges and performance obligations.


4. Privacy Policy

You acknowledge that you read, understand and agree to AdzSafe.com privacy statement, before any use to our services or products. Our privacy policy provides notice of data collection practices related to the services and usage of your data on AdzSafe.com including without limitation, web beacon, use of cookies, or other tracking methods in your browser, device, network, or from other parties.


5. Confidentiality

In case you obtain any type of confidential information connected or related to, or owned by AdzSafe.com. You agree that you will not disclose or use such confidential information in any manner, including non-public information, without prior written consent from AdzSafe.com. You consent that you will take reasonable steps to protect these confidential information from unauthorized access by a third party.

You agree that this section will stay enforced in the future and it will survive any expiration or termination of these Terms and Conditions by you or by AdzSafe.com


6.Governing Law

The performance of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the internal laws of the State of California. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in Los Angeles, CA, for all disputes arising out of, or relating to, the Terms and Conditions and use of this Site.

According to these terms, an arbitration of disputes provision is mandatory that requires the use of arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes rather than jury trials or class actions.


7. Indemnification


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless AdzSafe.com and its wholly owned subsidiaries, at your expense, from any and all third party claims, actions, proceedings, and suits brought against AdzSafe.com or any of its officers, agents, affiliates, partners, employees, service providers, licensors, consultants or independent contractors (collectively, the “AdzSafe.com Parties”), and all related damages, liabilities, penalties, settlements, expenses, fines or costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees and other litigation expenses incurred by AdzSafe.com or any of its officers, agents, affiliates, partners, employees, service providers, licensors, consultants or independent contractors, arising out of or relating to, (i) your use of the service; (ii) your breach of any term or condition of this agreement; (iii) any claims made by or on behalf of any third party pertaining directly or indirectly to your use of AdzSafe.com ; (iv) your violations of applicable laws, rules or regulations in connection with your use of AdzSafe.com ; (v) violations of your obligations of privacy to any third party; (vi) Any claims with respect to acts or omissions of any third party in connection with your use to our services; (vii) any warranties and representations made by you concerning any aspect of the service to any third party. AdzSafe.com will provide you with prior written consent of any claim, suit or action from which you must indemnify AdzSafe.com.

8.  Limitation of liability


You agree that AdzSafe.com is not liable for any delay or failure in the performance of specific obligations hereunder due to any situation beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation to, fires, shortages, strikes, flood, storm, earthquakes, explosions, internet outages, riots, insurrection, war, third party's action or inaction, acts of God and governmental action. 

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event, whether as a result of breach of contract, strict liability, or otherwise, shall AdzSafe.com and its directors, officers, employees or agents be liable to any third party for interest charges or cost of capital, or special, or indirect, capital, incidental, exemplary, consequential or punitive damages of any nature, including but not limited to loss of use of any equipment or software, systems, facilities, loss of profits or revenues, loss of data or information, claims of customers, lack or loss of productivity, under any theory of liability, including but not limited to contact or tort, and whether or not the party or any third party were or should have been advised or aware of the possibility of such damage and notwithstanding the failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy stated herein. In no event shall the aggregate liability of AdzSafe.com exceed any compensation you pay, if any, to AdzSafe.com for access to or use of AdzSafe.com.


9. Termination of Usage


Use or access by you to AdzSafe.com, services or products, in part or total, may be terminated or suspended at any time, without prior notice and for any reason. Following the termination of this agreement, AdzSafe.com may limit user’s activity, indefinitely suspend, temporarily suspend, or refuse to provide services, at any time, unconditionally, and without the need to have or show a cause.

If you are no longer interested in AdzSafe.com and its products and services, you must immediately stop using AdzSafe.com.

You will not be entitled to any refund of already executed and used products or services. 


10. Changes to this Statement:


From time to time, AdzSafe.com may, at its discretion, make updates or changes to our Terms at Conditions. At such times, the "updated" date on this Terms and Conditions page will reflect the most recent version of our Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to periodically review our Terms and Conditions in order to keep informed about any changes and our continued Services or Products. Your use, and continued use, of AdzSafe.com and the service constitutes your agreement and consent to our most updated and latest Terms and Conditions.

11. Duties and obligations of Users


You must not violate any law, statue, ordinance or regulation relating to the use of AdzSafe.com. You undertake not to use AdzSafe.com for illegal purposes. You agree to fully comply and be bound by these terms of AdzSafe.com

You shall not interfere with or disrupt AdzSafe.com. or networks connected to, or any activity conducted on or for AdzSafe.com in any manner including, but not limited to, the use of viruses or other similar computer programming. You shall not indulge in any activity or transaction, through the website, that could cause AdzSafe.com to violate any applicable law, statue, ordinance or regulation. You agree that you alone shall be fully responsible for protecting the privacy of the username and the password. You shall ensure that the password is not misused by anyone. You shall not use spider, scraper, robot or other device or automated means to access AdzSafe.com or to monitor the activity, or copy or download pages, codes, data and other contents without having an explicit written permit in  these Terms and Conditions or in a separate written agreement. You shall not take any action that AdzSafe.com, in its sole discretion, believes imposes an unreasonably large load on AdzSafe.com, products or services, including without limitation, deep linking into the website.

Further, you must not directly or indirectly breach, interfere with or tamper with the proper working of AdzSafe.com, or use or develop or attempt any workaround for any security measure related to the AdzSafe.com.You are not allowed to place any content on any part of AdzSafe.com that breaches a third party’s rights; infringes or misappropriates a third party’s intellectual property or other proprietary rights; or contains or promotes objectionable activity. you shall not indulge in any prohibited activity or click on the ads served on AdzSafe.com. You shall not directly or indirectly encourage the visitors of AdzSafe.com to click on the ads protected by AdzSafe.com.


12. Unguaranteed compatibility between AdzSafe.com and another software or hardware:


You fully understand and agree that AdzSafe.com software and solutions are correlated and dependent on other hardware and software, such as computers, phones, operation systems, web browsers, programing languages, applications, extensions and APIs, 

  • Where any software or hardware is subject to continuous and unexpected updating and modification at an unknown time, 
  • Therefore, a new update or modification to another software or hardware could lead to incompatibly with to AdzSafe.com, in a way that AdzSafe.com, or one of its products or services crashes or fails to operate some or all of its functions. You acknowledge and agree that AdzSafe.com can not provide you with a prior notice of such situations, and you agree that AdzSafe.com is free from any responsibility and liability for any damage that might occur as results of such incompatibility.

When you notice any incompatibility between AdzSafe.com and your website, browser, computer or phone, you shall first restart the browser or the device. If the issue is not resolved, then to disable AdzSafe.com products or services on your device or website, and notify the AdzSafe.com team. 

You fully understands and agree that any already used and executed services or any other rendered AdzSafe.com service are non refundable.

13. Disclaimer

The services and the site materials on AdzSafe.com are provided “As-Is” basis and as available without warranties of any kind, either implied or express. To the extent permitted by applicable law, AdzSafe.com expressly disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of satisfactory quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, accuracy, quiet enjoyment or non-infringement as to the site, including the content, information and materials contained therein. AdzSafe.com does not represent or warrant that AdzSafe.com therein is reliable, current, complete, accurate or error-free. AdzSafe.com does not represent or warrant that AdzSafe.com servers are free of viruses or other harmful components. AdzSafe.com shall not be liable if for any reason AdzSafe.com may be unavailable for routine upgrading, maintenance or other reasons at any time or for any period. AdzSafe.com will not be responsible for any consequences to you or third party that may result from slow connections, technical problems of internet, overload of our or other services or traffic congestion. AdzSafe.com does not represent, warrant, endorse or guarantee any content, product, or service that is advertised or featured on AdzSafe.com by a third party.

14. Search Accuracy:

We always aim at providing users with the most accurate and useful search results. However, we can not guarantee 100% that our search software and codes will understand search keywords or the stored contents in the same way understood by humans. There is always a possibility of finding and displaying unrelated or mismatching contents that you might lolnot find useful or proper.

15. Changes in Statistics, Analytics and Usage Calculations:


Without a prior notice to you, and without requiring a consent from you, AdzSafe.com might change calculation parameters, fix technical bugs, use new codes or technologies, or remove or suspend fake or violating or spamming accounts. This might decreases or change all or part of your usage statistics such as (number of likes, views, followers, locations, comments, flags, downloads or sharing).

16. Backup of your Files:


AdzSafe.com uses paid private web hosting and servers to allow users to upload and store files and data on AdzSafe.com

You agree that there's no liability to you or any requirement to pay you any cost or fee in case your files and data on AdzSafe.com, fully or partially were deleted, lost or got corrupted, regardless of the cause.

AdzSafe.com retains the full right to transfer or duplicate your data to new web hosting or server or terminate its data storage service without a prior notice to you nor a consent from you. Also, AdzSafe.com retains the full right to terminate the entire online storage service or reduce its size in a way that requires deleting all or part of your stored data on AdzSafe.com without a prior notice to you nor consent from you.

You are asked and advised that it's your fully responsibility to keep always at least one backup of your data and files on your device or another storage to avoid permanent data loss.

You understand that data loss risk could occur for various intentional or unintentional reasons, including technical errors, viruses, memory failure, change business module or manual deletion.


17. Prohibited contents:


AdzSafe.com prohibits uploading or promoting:

  • Dangerous content
  • Harassing content
  • Hateful content
  • Manipulated media
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Terrorist content
  • Violence & gore
  • Vulgar language & profanity

However, we don't have the ability to monitor or verify each single upload or link or comment provided by Users on AdzSafe.com. Once we are aware of such violations, we immediately delete them. In case you found such a violating content, we ask you to report to us so we can investigate and take the proper action.

18. Protection of Children


AdzSafe.com is a general audience site of age 18 or older. We do not knowingly target or advertise to underage audience. If you are under 18, don't use AdzSafe.com, nor any of its services or products, and terminate your use and access to AdzSafe.com immediately. Also, remove any information or contents you submitted on AdzSafe.com.

If you chose to submit any material related to a minor or a child, you carry the full responsibility of your action. You must be the child's parent or legal guardian and you are complying with all laws that protect the child's all rights, health and safety.

If we learn that information and contents have been collected on AdzSafe.com from persons underage without verifiable legal parental consent, then we will take the appropriate steps to delete such information and contents. If you are a parent or guardian and discover that your underage child has provided personal information and contents, then you may alert us as set forth in the bottom of this page that we delete that child’s personal information and contents from our systems.


19. Independent Parties, Not Partners

In all matters relating to These Terms and Conditions, you remain an independent party. You are not authorized to delegate any of obligations or assign any of rights that belong solely to AdzSafe.com to any third party without providing prior written consent from AdzSafe.com in these Terms and Conditions. Any attempted from you to delegate or assign in violation of these Terms and Conditions will be void, null and of no effect. By using AdzSafe.com does not make you AdzSafe.com’s employee or legal representative of the other, or any position to create any obligation on behalf of AdzSafe.com

The relationship between you and AdzSafe.com is not one of a legal partnership relationship, but is one of independent contractors. 

20. General Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

The content on the AdzSafe.com site, including without limitation, descriptions, articles, documents, text, brochures, site, extension, application, API, software, products, photos, graphics, videos, sounds, interactive features, data, texts, designs, concepts, business modules and services (collectively, the “Content”), and the service marks, trademarks and logos contained therein (collectively, “Marks”), are protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties.

AdzSafe.com or other users or third parties might grant you a limited, nontransferable, nonexclusive, nonsublicensable license to access and use their Contents and Marks. 

AdzSafe.com includes multiple licenses. Each license comes with specific terms and conditions how specific content can be used.

Before you interact or use any content, you must read, understand, agree to, comply with the terms and conditions of its related license.

However, that no license AdzSafe.com include, 

  • Rent, sell, lease, assign or otherwise transfer rights of contents' owner to a different party without written consent of contents' owner,
  • Any use of specific content other than for their intended purposes,
  • Use of any data mining, extraction methods, robots or similar data gathering
  • Unless clearly stated herein, nothing in these terns shall be interpreted as granting any license to intellectual property and copyrights, whether by implication, estoppel or otherwise.

AdzSafe.com may revoke license of future use of the content at any time

21. Terms for the use of contents that owned by AdzSafe.com (not provided by users),

AdzSafe.com does not give you the right to collect or use its own contents, codes, apps, extensions, products and services for the purposes prohibited by AdzSafe.com. You shall not indulge in any data extraction or data mining activity whatsoever. AdzSafe.com does not give you right to create any derivative work of the contents, codes, APIs, services, or products that's owned by AdzSafe.com without written consent from AdzSafe.com. You shall not modify, reproduce, re-design, distribute, republish, import, alter, sell, offer for sale or otherwise use any part owned by AdzSafe.com in any way, unless expressly permitted to do so by AdzSafe.com. You shall not make any unauthorized copy of any AdzSafe.com trademark. AdzSafe.com does not convey any interest in or to the information, services or content available via the website or any other AdzSafe.com material including property by permitting the you to access the website.


22. Terms for the use of contents that provided by users and third parties, (stored and displayed on AdzSafe.com but not owned by AdzSafe.com),

AdzSafe.com allows users and third parties to upload, store, link, share or display data and contents on AdzSafe.com such as texts, images, icons, videos, audio.

AdzSafe.com requires that users and third parties don't not provide or share or upload or promote harmful or unfunctional forbidden or illegal contents or data that prohibited by law or by these terms and conditions.

AdzSafe.com strictly requires that each user uploads and share only contents and data he or she owns or has formal consent and permit from the legal owners of such contents and data in order not to violate the intellectual property and privacy of others.

AdzSafe.com does not have the capacity to monitor or review contents or data provided by users and third party. Also, AdzSafe.com doesn't have the capacity to verify the true ownership of these contents and data.

AdzSafe.com requires that each user or third party to have clear and independent Terms and Conditions about their data and contents (such as the cost, fees, number of uses, and how contents and data can be used and attribution of ownership, etc...).

If you chose downloading, using, sharing or obtaining any contents found on AdzSafe.com which provided by other users or third parties, you are required to check and verify these contents and data to make sure they are functional, secure, and suitable for you, your system, your device and needs.

You are also required to read, understand, and agree to, comply with the independent terms and conditions related to the license of the specific content and data you selected. 

If you believe that some contents or data insecure or unfunctional or unverifiable or violate any law or rights of another third party, we encourage you not to use, and to report to us.

You agree that AdzSafe.com is fully free from any responsibility and liability for any damages resulted from your use to contents.


23. Authorizations

AdzSafe.com may reject protecting a specific ad from User sites, modify or suspend the services and/or delete publisher’s account at any time for any reason or no reason. User authorizes AdzSafe.com to restrict Ad blocker users from viewing or accessing User’s website, unless they install AdzSafe.com software or extension to their computers or phones. User shall use the services only in compliance with these terms and conditions of and all applicable international, national, state or local laws, rules and regulations. Unless AdzSafe.com expressly agree otherwise, AdzSafe.com will have the sole discretion to establish pricing and other terms and conditions with advertisers; to select, identify or manage relationships with advertisers and take all actions relating to the foregoing.


24. Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding our general practices, these Terms and Conditions, and its implementation, or failure to adhere it, please contact us. customercare@adzsafe.com