Safe Ad tips from AdzSafe


Less Ads… More Quality Contents:

Enhance the internet visitor’s experience on your website or application: Keep your online ad structures simpler by eliminating annoying, sticky and tedious online ads.

Too many ads jammed in and taking over the page are misleading users to ad blocking. Ad blocking has shed light on quality of ads and it is compelling publishers to improve the online ad experience.

Increase online ad revenue, not by a short term quantity (overwhelming: more ads per visit so no visitor comes back), but by a long term loyalty (pleasant: less ads for more visits and returning visitors).

Block Ad Blockers

Ad blocking has gone from a fringe issue to a mainstream concern. The dramatic rise of adblockers continues to climb with no end in sight. Adblockers are needed to be squashed. Adzsafe is the latest attempt to block adblock. With AdzSafe, start to block ad blockers and turn your bare and fragile online ad into an ironclad online ad… This is one simple action that will make supported Ads to be safely loaded and viewed without any interruption by Ad Blockers. This anti adblock solution helps you to recover lost revenue.