AdzSafe provides your website with a comprehensive solution to tackle anti block extensions and mobile AdBlocker browsers.

Other anti AdBlock solutions whether provide basic default non customizable message and script that is shared with tens of websites, or they demand sharing part of your online ad revenue or require changing your ad network or fees for customizing the message on your website,

Below are some powerful reasons to use AdzSafe Anti AdBlock solutions:

1. Get 100% Free

AdzSafe Anti AdBlock Wall script


2. 100% Free Message Customization:

write the message you want to show to your website visitors (other companies do not allow you to customize your anti AdBlock Wall message at all or charge you a fee for message customization),


3. Decide the message's behavior:

whether you want to hide your website contents until disabling ad blocker is turned off or you prefer that a visitor can close your anti AdBlock message to continue browsing your contents.


4. 100% free AdzSafe Analytics:

you can monitor your overall website traffic, and analyze what is the proportion of AdBlock users compared to users that don't use AdBlock extensions while using your website (other companies charge you for AdBlock analytics),


5. Fast and Easy:

In minutes, you can setup AdzSafe on your website.


6. AdzSafe Anti AdBlock works on computer and phone devices

most of other Anti AdBlock scripts support one device type only


7. AdzSafe works well with all Ads Formats:

You are not required to change your online ad formats or contents including video ads, native ads and pop-ups.


8. No Minimum Traffic Required

AdzSafe doesn't require any web traffic requirement, like other ad blocking solutions require


9. AdzSafe works With Any Ad Network

AdzSafe doesn't require replacing your ad network or provider. You can use AdzSafe tools and services with your original ad network.


10. 100% visible on all devices and browsers:

various new AdBlockers became able to hide and filter Anti AdBlock Messages that other companies provide you. With AdzSafe's unique and effective methods, your Anti AdBlock message will be always visible.


Latest  proven anti adblocker

Are you looking for how to disable adblock successfully! Then you have landed at right place!

AdzSafe proudly is the only reliable anti ad blocker that allows your online ads to be loaded and be seen, regardless if the visitor’s browser includes an Ad Blocker or not. The only exception is known so far to push anti adblock scripts to new boundaries, comes from AdzSafe, where the anti adblock script automatically disables adblocker software once it is detected. AdzSafe has proved itself as the only effective and reliable anti adblock solution when it is compared to the current available anti adblockers. It disables ad blocker software right away from operating in the browser and supports ads to load and to be viewed safely without interference by ad blockers. It can bypass adblock completely from interfering with online ads and stops adblockers from hurting your online business revenue. Most importantly, it doesn’t require any minimum traffic requirement, like other ad blocking solutions require. In addition to this, it doesn’t require to change your ad provider to use this proven anti adblocker.

All other webmasters and companies failed to provide a real solution to remove adblock, except giving you ineffective advices such as: